I do not repost reviews here on this website because I control this website.  So, obviously, I would only post good reviews, and that does not help you.  But I rent my condos through VRBO.  And despite its many faults, the one thing it does well is untainted, autonomous reviews by guests.  After his or her stay, a guest has the opportunity (and I think, a duty) to leave a review on the condo’s site.  The owner cannot alter or delete that review.  The owner can comment or defend himself or herself, but cannot remove it from the site.  So to a guest, the VRBO reviews are probably the most important resource in determining the quality of a property.  Each of my listings on VRBO has a section for reviews.  Please take the time to read through my reviews.  If you are interested in one of my newer properties at Westwinds, which do not have many reviews yet, it would help you to read the reviews of my other properties to get a sense of what my guests have to say about their stay.

To me, the reviews are more a reflection of how lucky I have been to have hosted such wonderful families and to have been a part of their vacation memories, than how great my condos are.

Here are the links to each condo’s reviews:

Pascal Harbor

Sunflower Sea’d
Cady Cay
Align in the Sand