Rental policy

Westwinds 4701, 4708, 4822, 4725

Signature and Acceptance of this Agreement: Your remittance of payment signifies your acceptance of this agreement. If there is anything herein that you do not agree to, DO NOT MAKE A RESERVATION FOR THIS CONDO.
Payment: The invoice for the condo should be paid in full 60 days prior to Arrival Date. If you are booking your reservation within 60 days of the Arrival Date, then full payment is due at the time of reservation.
Turn Day: Check in time is 4:00pm central time. Earlier check in may be possible, depending on availability. There is no extra charge for early check in. I am happy to accommodate your arrival time if possible. Your door code will be active when the unit is ready. Check out time is 10:00am central time. Because my housekeeper has a lot to do, especially in peak season, the check out time is not as flexible as check in time.  If you are leaving earlier than 10am, please let me know. It really helps the housekeeper to know when to come, and it might make it possible for my next guest to enter a little early.
Cancellation: I adopt the “Relaxed” cancellation policy of VRBO/HomeAway.  You will receive a full refund if you cancel within 14 days before the beginning of your arrival date, and 50% refund, less the “vrbo service fee,” if you cancel between 13 and 7 days before your stay, and zero refund if you cancel within six days of your stay.  However, I go one step further.  With your permission, I will open up your dates and try my best to rent them out.  I will refund to you all of the rent obtained from the re-booking of your dates.  In other words, I will not take a windfall from your cancellation, and I will do my best to assure that neither one of us is out any money.
Property Damage: You are responsible for any damage done to the property while you are there.  You are welcome to purchase CSA insurance through vrbo, but it is not required.
Property Maintenance: I do not have a Mercedes, but I hear they are extremely well made and never break. This condo is not a Mercedes. Although I strive to have everything perfect for you, things break, fail, or just stop working. You must notify me immediately of any problems in the unit. I will send a maintenance man over right away, and if it cannot be fixed or replaced quickly, then we will talk about a fair partial refund. I cannot compensate you for things affecting the entire building and outside of my control, such as power outages and pool closure. If I have to cancel your reservation due to a catastrophic maintenance or damage issue that makes the condo unlivable, or if you want to cancel due to a borderline unlivable condition, you will receive a full refund. In this unlikely event, you agree that the full refund will be your only compensation.
Age: You must be over 25 years of age to rent this unit. No exceptions. Underage drinking is against the laws of Florida, and will be cause for expulsion from the premises. All rental payments and deposits will be forfeited.
Westwinds Rules: The building has rules. They are posted throughout the property. Please be courteous and follow the rules. Because of the pool, we are inspected by the Florida Department of Health frequently, and can be red flagged for even minor rule violations. I am absolutely certain you will not commit a violation so egregious that you will be expelled from our facilities; however, if you do, I cannot refund any payment to you.
Prohibited Vehicles: Sandestin does not allow motorcycles, RVs, trailers or pull-alongs, or rental golf carts. If you arrive on, in, or with one, there is a lot that the guard will direct you to, where you can park the offending conveyance. You are welcome to use our golf cart during your stay if you are in Westwinds 4701 and 4822. I know it is not nearly as cool as a motorcycle, but it is much quieter, and in a golf community, that’s important.  Westwinds 4725 and 4708 do not have golf carts included with them.
Condo Supplies: My housekeeper will leave for you towels and bath amenities prior to your arrival. I also try to stock the unit with many other items you may need during your stay, too numerous to mention. However, we do not interrupt your stay to resupply you. The truth is, you may need to wash towels while you are there, and you will certainly need to go to Publix or Walmart to get food and sundries. Please be aware that my towels are expensive, and while I am loathe to charge you for missing items, I reserve the right to do so, especially if it seems intentional.
Golf Cart Availability (For Westwinds 4701 and 4822 ONLY): We own two golf carts that we keep in the parking garage. If you would like to, you are welcome to use one of them. The driver must have a driver’s license and insurance. We are not in the business of renting our golf carts, and we do not charge anything if you want to enjoy them. I cannot guarantee that you will have a working golf cart during your stay. Casey will do his best to make repairs quickly, but sometimes parts have to be ordered, or repairs can be extensive. If one of our golf carts breaks down or is not available due to break down, I cannot refund to you any part of your unit rental or find a replacement golf cart. The golf cart is our personal golf cart, and it can and will break from time to time. While Casey is great at keeping it in excellent running condition, there is no guarantee that it will be running and available for your use. The condo is fairly and competitively priced, the price does not include a golf cart, and we do not accept any payment for the golf carts.
Parking Pass: As you come through the beach side guard gate when you first arrive, the security guard will already have you in his computer, and will print you out a parking pass. Please keep it on your dash during your stay.
Departure Instructions: I will email you departure instructions. Please follow them. I have never had to charge a guest extra for cleaning an excessively nasty messy condo, but I reserve the right to do so, especially if it appears to be intentional.  The bottom line is, please be neat and considerate of Sue and Susie.
Pool Bands:  Our property pool monitor will be checking for pool bracelets. Please be sure to leave them in the unit when you leave as I am charged per replacement bracelet.

No Amenity Card: There really is no such thing as an amenity card.  As my guest, you are welcome to do anything, participate in everything, enjoy all the facilities, and patronize any merchant in the resort.  The vendors in the resort are private, and they will do business with you whether you are staying in the resort, or even if you are not.  They charge for their services, and you pay them directly.

Resort:  You have access to everything the resort has to offer.  There are tram passes for you to take the tram to the bay side and visit the Village at Baytowne Wharf.  There is golf, tennis, spa, beach service, bikes, jet skis, fireworks, festivals, farmers markets, movie theater, grocery store, shopping, and too much to name.

Reservation Dates:  I am amazed at how easy it is to make this mistake:  Believing that the last day of your reservation is the last full day of your stay, rather than the day you are leaving.  IN FACT, the last day of your reservation is the morning you are leaving.   Please check, and recheck, the dates and the corresponding days of the week, to make sure you and I are on the same page.  The last day of your reservation IS, IN FACT, the day you are leaving the condo, at the normal, 10am or earlier, check out time.  (This is exactly the way hotels and everyone in the vacation rental business details the reservation dates.)  Thank you!   

Your Own Guests:  If someone joins you during your stay, it is always easier for them to get through the guard gate, especially at night, if you let me know so that I can put them on the gate guard list.  Please do not feel like you need to “sneak in” extra folks by me.  I love big families, and friends are always welcome.  If the accommodations are tight, and you like it that way, that’s fine with me.  
No Smoking:  All of my condos are non smoking units.  I know you would never smoke inside this unit.  However, if grandma or a sun-fried guest who has had too many daiquiris lights up while you are in the shower, PLEASE TELL ME.  The last thing I want is for the next guest to detect even the slightest hint of cigarette smoke, and I can have Johnny change the AC air filter and spray a smoke deodorant in the air handler after you leave.  Thank you.  (BTW, grandma is forgiven; the drunk guest is banished.) 
Pets:  Westwinds does not allow pets on the property.  The two exceptions to this rule are that owners who live in their condo can have pets, and service dogs for the impaired are always welcome.  For the record, I love dogs and this is not my rule, but I have to abide by it. 
Grilling:  Outdoor cooking is only allowed in the grill area by the pool.  
Credit Card Authorization: I reserve the right to charge the credit card that was used to process this reservation for any damage done to the condo or its contents, or for any items missing, that are not covered under a damage insurance policy.
Permission to Enter Property: You hereby give me, or any of my or any building workmen, handymen, pest control men, water mitigation people, management, or agents, permission to enter the condo in order to make any necessary repairs or do any necessary checks or maintenance.  It is not our intention to disturb you, but the way the building is constructed, a problem in one condo can affect many condos, and there may be times when your privacy is second to the welfare of the building. I apologize in advance for any distress and inconvenience this might cause you. Additionally, on the first Wednesday of every month, a pest control technician may request access to your unit at Westwinds.  Unless you tell me that he may not enter, he will enter while accompanied by a maintenance person at Westwinds.  There will be reminders in the elevators at the beginning of each month.
Building Maintenance: There are times throughout the year that our building tends to maintenance issues that affect everyone.  Obviously, you might be disturbed by lawn blowers, vacuums, and mopping, but there may be more disruptive events, such as pool closure for maintenance and AC shut off for maintenance.  Likewise, the resort maintains its lakes and roadways, and there is always some construction going on somewhere.  I apologize for any inconvenience, and I always notify you of any such events that I know about.  If any of these issues becomes untenable and extremely disruptive during your stay, and you wish to leave, please know that I am very sorry, and I am happy to discuss a partial refund.
Special Events: Weddings and special events must be approved by me, our homeowner’s association, and may need government licensure. A reservation does not obligate the association to approve an event. Guests shall not have parties or events at the condo without obtaining prior written approval from me. Weddings, cocktail parties, receptions, welcoming events, etc. may require payment of additional fees and an additional written agreement.
Personal Information:  Our association rules require that all vacation rental guests are identified, including ages, addresses, and cell phone numbers.  I request this information from you and keep it in my records in compliance with our rules.  Incorrect information will result in cancellation of your reservation and/or expulsion from the premises, with no refund.  This information will only be disseminated in the case of emergency, and only to the proper authorities.  I may use your cell number to contact you with regard to your stay, and I may use your address to return items left at the condo and to send a thank-you for taking the time to write a review for me.  
Photos:  I love it when you send your family beach photos to me by text or email.  And unless you tell me otherwise, I will post them on my FB page and on my website, without any names.  And if you get a cool pic of a sunset or a seagull and share it with me, unless you tell me otherwise, I will post it on my FB and website photo gallery, without attribution.  Thank you so much for sharing your photos with me.  It makes my day.  
Emails:  From time to time, I will send you emails with greetings and information, specials and unusual openings and gaps in the calendar.  If you do not wish to receive any more emails, please reply to that effect.  Thank you.