About Us

Hello and Welcome!

Bed & Beachfront was formed in 2013.  We bought our first condo at Westwinds in 2002, Cady Cay on the fifteenth floor.  We went through several rental management companies over the years, and we were finally happy with MyVacationHaven.com.  We bought our second condo at Westwinds in 2011.  This was Pascal Harbor on the lobby level.  Then the B.P. oil spill came, and rentals were sluggish, and Chris was getting stressed out paying the bills.  I met a fellow owner at the Westwinds pool one afternoon, and she told me she was renting her condo herself through vrbo.  I did a little research, and as an experiment, I put the second Westwinds condo on vrbo, just attracting guests and sending them on to MVH.  After a couple years, with both Westwinds condos on vrbo, almost all of the guests in my units were booked by me, and I decided it was time to step out on my own.  That was 2013.  I have never looked back and I have never been happier.  We bought our third Westwinds unit in 2016.  In the summer of 2017 we bought our fourth unit, a one bedroom at Westwinds.  So we now have a total of four condos at Westwinds at Sandestin, and I manage them through vrbo.

The name, Bed & Beachfront, is a reflection of the experience we want you to have.  Chris and I love to stay at bed and breakfasts, getting to know our hosts and feeling like we are in a home, and not just a hotel.  We modeled our business after a b & b, minus the breakfast.  So whether you enjoy one of the many southern style breakfast restaurants in the area, or just sit on the balcony sipping your coffee and munching on your cereal, we hope that the addition of the Beachfront makes up for the omelet and french toast that I am not there to cook for you.

My rental philosophy is simple:  I love my guests.  Life is so short and so precious, and one cannot own land or beauty.  I am just the custodian, and my job is to take care of something beautiful, and share it with others.  I truly believe that nothing in life is by chance.  We meet others for a reason, and if I cross your path for only one short week of your life, I will do my best to make your week joyous and memorable, and we will part ways with a tiny piece of each others’ spirit.

My rental strategy is simple, too:  There is nothing more important than your vacation.  For the week you are at the beach, please let me spoil you and make you feel like an owner.  And in a sense, you are.  You are a part of me, a part of the condo, and a part of the beach.  Your one job is to relax and soak in good energy.  My job is to provide you with the best furniture, bedding, towels, supplies, and service that I possibly can.  And the truth is that it is not hard to do — it just takes a lot of money and a lot of people to make it happen.  I spend the money and I pay a lot of people to make your stay perfect.  I am picky and detail oriented, and I run a tight ship.  Sue and Susie, my housekeepers, know you by name, how many children and their ages, and many other details that customize your stay.  Johnny, my maintenance man, is always nearby to help with anything, and when he helps you, he also knows your name.  I cannot make your condo bigger, but I can certainly make a few trips to Costco and Walmart, and try to provide you with everything you might need while you are there.  I price my condos well under what Sandestin Rentals charges, and just under MVH.  I strive for perfection, and I get closer every year.